Student Volunteering with LIFT OFF

Having students at our events is brilliant for young people. It gives them a sense of what learning after school is really like, from people who are currently right in the middle of it. They paint a realistic picture of student-life, and act as role models for those considering what to do after school. 

There are lots of things for students to get involved with, and our volunteering opportunities are super-flexible, so there's always something to suit most student timetables. The young people we work with really appreciate it too.


LIFT OFF Students 2016


Here's what some of our volunteers had to say:


 'My favourite thing about volunteering with LO; there's probably a few... I like meeting the other volunteers and the staff because everyone gets on so well and has such a laugh together. The other would be speaking to the pupils and hearing their different interests and answering their questions. Each event is always different and there's never a dull moment!' Lizzie Lerpiniere, Abertay University


'There are so many things I enjoy about LIFT OFF! On a general level, the knowledge that I am helping kids become more aware of the opportunities that are open to them is a huge factor. On a more personal level, it has allowed me to become more confident in both myself and my choice in degree.' Sheree Taylor, Abertay University


If you are interested in volunteering with LIFT OFF, please visit the 'Becoming a Volunteer' section for further info. Or fill in the application that can be found on the home page.


All Student Volunteers enquires should be made to: or 01592 223250