Getting Involved with Your Child’s School

Your relationship with the schoolSchool children

Positive and effective partnerships between parents/carers and schools are crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome for young people in relation to their learning. 

By getting involved and working with your child’s school, you can help to ensure that your child gets the very best out of their education, both in terms of secondary school and for progressing onto vocational qualifications, college or university.

Parents evenings

Going to parents evenings will allow you to speak to teachers about how your child is getting on in each class and how you can support their learning.  Before going to a parents evening, ask your child if there is anything they would like you to discuss with the teacher.

Parent/carer representation

The views of parents/carers are important to any school and are normally represented through the school’s Parent Council.  Parent/carers are normally represented by:

Parent Councils can also assist in fundraising for the school; and in some schools a separate Parent Teacher Association works with the school to organise the fundraising activity.

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