What Happens When Your Child Reaches 16?

In Scotland, all young people are encouraged to stay in learning post-16. Through 16+ Learning Choices, every child will have a plan to help them achieve ‘a positive and sustained destination’.  This plan covers a range of options including staying on at school or continuing in learning at college, through training or other options. Each plan will be individualised to suit the young person’s needs. It will be agreed in S4/S5 and signed by the pupil and their parents/carers.  You should receive a copy of the plan to sign when your child reaches 16. 

The main options for young people when they reach 16 are described below:




Undertake vocational training or training for work through:

For more information on the programmes above, see the Skills Development Scotland website

For more information speak to your child’s guidance teacher at school (see the Contacting School section for further information), a careers adviser, student support staff at college or visit