Your Own Learning

One of the best ways to help your child to value their learning and education is to lead by example. There are many ways you can take part in learning opportunities:

Linda’s story

“I went to West March Primary School and Kirkton High (now Baldragon). I enjoyed school, but I never made the connection between gaining qualifications and getting a good job – so I didn’t really apply myself and I left without many qualifications. After school I went to work as an administrator at Cairds in Dundee, then became a watch assembler at Timex. I got married and soon moved jobs to work as a receptionist at the Union Street Dental Care Practice.

Most of the other staff had qualifications, which made me think about education, but it was really when my children were studying for their Standard Grades and Highers that my interest was sparked, and I decided I wanted to do something about it for myself.

I saw an advert in the Courier for the University of Abertay’s AHEAD course. So I made enquiries and signed up. After I finished the AHEAD course I decided to carry on and do a few modules in Marketing. I never thought I’d end up doing a whole degree, and could have stopped after the first year with an NC and then later with my HND, but I kept going because I enjoyed it and I did end up with a degree, completing my Bachelor of Arts in Marketing in 2003.

Soon after I finished my degree my husband was made redundant, and when he was exploring new career options he enrolled at Dundee College to do an NC in Psychology, and I ended up going along as well to support him. During my studies I continued to work as a receptionist for 31 hours a week. Although I was a full-time student, I was able to allocate my time appropriately because my course was module based, and I had a supportive employer.

Learning has given me confidence in my own abilities as I know that with determination I am capable of achieving what I want to. I’ve also got a better job now. I’m the Practice Manager of the Union Street Dental Care Practice and responsible for all the marketing for the surgery. My husband is now self-employed and I’m able to help him by doing his accounts, and when my children went to College and University themselves it gave me a lot of personal satisfaction that I could help them. Working and studying at the same time was hard, but I wouldn’t change a thing about the experience and it was definitely worth it.”

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