Why go to College or University?

Bigger salaries, more rewarding jobs, less chance of unemployment, personal confidence, better skills, broader horizons and a brilliant time ... to name a few!

Better Careers

People who go to college or uni earn an average of £160,000 more in their life time than people who don’t. Bear in mind that this is an average – not all careers pay the same! Still, getting a qualification can be a big leg up on the career ladder, allowing your child to access better paying and more enjoyable jobs. Even better, they will be half as likely to be unemployed.

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Better Skills

Studying something you love is a fantastic experience. It also builds up skills like time management, presenting, analytical thinking and greater responsibility. Because of this, a lot of companies are keen to recruit any type of graduate. In fact, most graduates work in a career unrelated to the subject they study in their degree. Don’t be surprised to find Art History graduates working in finance, or philosophers working in transport!

Personal Benefits

Students meet people from different backgrounds, cultures and places. They also gain responsibility, confidence and life experience. Many count it as some of the best, most formative years of their lives, and rightly so! You might just want to show them how to use the washing machine before they go.

Better Opportunities

Employers see students as great potential employees. For that reason, students have the chance to take up apprenticeships, summer internships and work placements while they study. Further, charitable trusts and professional organisations give out academic awards for success. Those choosing university will have the chance to study and work abroad, often with their fees paid for them. The possibilities are pretty endless!