Money for college

This section explains the money available for all full time College courses except HNC’s and HND’s. They are covered in ‘Money for Uni, HNC and HND’

Tuition Fees

These are FREE for full time courses and the government will pay the college directly. Once accepted, the College will ask your child to fill out some forms to help them sort this out for them.

Help with Living Costs

Once they have been accepted into College, your child can apply straight to them for financial help. It’s very likely that they will send you a form to return. If not, contact their student support services and they’ll find the best package available. This is sometimes one of, or a combination of the following:

1. College Bursaries:

This is money that you don’t pay back (free!) which is given out by colleges based on circumstances. If you think you’re likely to need help with accommodation, travel costs, childcare or other issues, it’s a good idea to ask what help is available during the application process.

2. EMA – Educational Maintenance Allowance

Also money you don’t pay back (free!). It’s currently £30 a week to help students aged 16-18 who are from low income families. To receive the full amount, they have to attend all of the course. If your child currently receives the EMA at school, they will continue to receive it at college. It doesn’t affect child benefit. For more about benefits, see ‘Specific Issues’.

Ask For Help!

Colleges understand that every family’s situation is different, so they strongly encourage young people and parents to ask for advice at ANY stage. You can usually just pop in or phone reception and make an appointment with a student finance advisor. This is the best possible way to sort out college finance!

Part time or distance learning? See also: Learn Direct Money Guide