Money for University, HNC & HND

This section explains the money available for all full time University Degrees, HNC and HND programmes. HNCs & HNDs take place in Colleges but are funded the same way.

Tuition Fees

These are free if they are studying in Scotland for the first time. They are paid by SAAS, the Student Awards Agency For Scotland.

To have them paid, they must apply to SAAS from April onwards, once they’ve been accepted on a course, no matter whether their place depends on exam results or not. They can do this online

They will provide you with proof of payment for your university or college. You apply to SAAS before each year of study.

Help with living costs

You also apply to SAAS for these at the same time as help with fees. SAAS will look at how much you earn and your family circumstances. Based on that, SAAS will offer one or two types of help:

1. Student Loan

2. Bursaries

As well as this, SAAS can give them help with transport costs, childcare and disability. SAAS will expect that in most cases, you will also pay money towards your child’s study.To find out how much that would be, and see what support they ’re likely to get, go to the really handy Student Suppost Package.

Other extra funding

If your child studies outside of Scotland and has fees to pay, they can get extra funding from SAAS. You should also look to see if they are eligible for any scholarships or bursaries:

Hot Courses Scholarship Search

Educational Grant Search

SAAS can search for you!

Specific institutions will have grants/trusts. Link to finance pages of institutions: