Mel Rookes

Place of Birth?:

Born in Suffolk but lived in Scotland since I was 1.

What did you study?:

BSc Forensic Psychology and Biological Sciences, Postgraduates in applied and consumer Psychology.

If you could go back to S5, would you study another subject?:

Definitely! I wish I had studied history or possibly classical studies as I find both of those subjects super interesting.

What was your favourite part of Higher Education?:

Definitely the amazing friends I made and feeling so much more independent.

Where did you study?:

I studied at Abertay University.

What is your favourite part of working with LIFT OFF?:

Seeing the journey our young people go on. I have been in this role for almost 4 years now so I’ve been really lucky seeing some of the S4 pupils I worked with in my first year now half way through their own HE journeys.