Parent Testimonial

Jill Mack 

My son Jordan, attended Viewforth High School in Kirkcaldy and took part in LO2S, whilst in 4th year. Neither myself, or Jordan’s Dad attended College, although Jordan’s Dad did attend various centres in the evening, over a course of several years, to gain professional body qualifications. I now work at Fife College as a Learning, Teaching and Quality Assistant and Jordan’s Dad is a Quality Manager with NHBC. 


What impact/difference do you feel LO2s made to Jordan?       

Jordan had no inclination to go to University, he planned on leaving school after 5th year and attending College to study a Sports or Computing related course. After attending LO2S, and visiting several Universities, he was very keen to have a look at the courses on offer at Stirling University and Edinburgh University, as both offered excellent sporting and computing courses, with Stirling offering 1st class sporting facilities on campus.

I think the LIFT OFF experience is a great opportunity for other children to take part in. There is no cost involved, and gives them a chance to socialise and mix with other people out-with their circle of friends.  It allows them to build confidence and get a glimpse of what University life would be like for them.      

What activities did Jordan do at LO2s?   

He visited several Universities during his residential, attending several lectures and having a look at the accommodation and facilities for students on campus. There were also activities arranged in the evening, giving him a chance to socialise with other pupils from different schools. 

Jordan definitely benefited from the LIFT OFF experience. He was very excited after attending LO2s and keen to talk about his experience and all the activities he had taken part in. It gave him a better understanding of what university life would be like, from staying in student accommodation to attending lectures.  It made him realise, that University could be for him. 

Where is Jordan now?

Jordan has almost finished his 1st year at Stirling University studying Sports Studies, with Education and Computing as additional subjects, although he has decided that teaching isn’t for him and is hoping to change to Criminal Law as an additional subject. He hopes to join the Police Force when he graduates. He loves Uni life, and I am sure LIFT OFF helped him decide that University was for him!

What did you think of the LO2s graduation? 

The LO2s graduation was very informative, and well presented. There was lots of information available and student volunteers on hand to answer any questions parents might have had.