What is LOLS?



Students at HE, whether at college or university, will need to acquire a whole bunch of new skills and further develop others.

LOLS has been developed by LIFT OFF in collaboration with our partner schools, colleges and universities to help start this ball rolling and hopefully, make the whole process less of a struggle.

What is it? 

LOLS is for Senior Core Pupils who are interested in going on to study at HE level after school - remember that is HNC or above at college or university. 

It is delivered in school by post-graduate tutors (people who already have a degree under their belts who are studying for a Masters or a Doctorate) who work with up to 20 pupils in each school on skills such as critical thinking, group working and presentation skills.

When does it happen?

From early September up to December, tutors will deliver 5 workshops sessions to groups in schools. LOLS also includes a campus visit, including a lecture and a seminar.

Who can take part?

S5 and S6 Core Pupils.

Anything else I need to know?

LOLS is assessed by a group presentation and is credit rated with 3 credit points at Level 6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework. There's lots of help from the tutors, and all participants will get really useful feedback as part of the process. If you need to get in touch with us for anything regarding LOLS, please email 

If you missed out on the LOLS Promotion in school and would like to know more about the course, check out the slides below: