LO2S Testimonials


Rae - Arbroath Academy,   

"When I first joined LIFT OFF, I was incredibly excited to go to the St. Andrews Campus, see new Universities and meet new people. However, at the same time, I was nervous. I had bright blue hair so you couldn’t miss me! Would this be an advantage or disadvantage? What would people think of me? Would people like me? Would I end up being left by myself the whole time? All of these questions began rushing around in my head. Once I had packed my bags and rushed to get the bus – which I was late for – it all felt real. I sat with my friend from school and talked while we sneakily looked around at people from the other LIFT OFF schools.

My nerves grew and grew as we inched closer to St. Andrews but so did my excitement. I told myself how great this experience was going to be. Once we had made our way off of the bus and stepped into where we were staying I felt a sigh of relief – everyone had the same ‘I’m pretending not to be terrified’ look on their faces!

While we sat in the meeting room watching the other schools wander in and drop their bags in the corner of the room, I felt like everyone could hear my heart beating. After all, first impressions mean EVERYTHING! I was scared to even lift my head to look at everyone. I ended up doing it and I was drawn to someone – a girl from St. Paul’s Academy in Dundee. She gave me a toothy smile and I suddenly felt better. That single smile ended up sparking a friendship, even though we did not talk for the first 3 days of LO2S, we grew close at the end, spending most of the last couple of days with each other. Now I would class her as one of my best friends – I travel down on the train some weekends to visit her; we go shopping for hours; had many a McDonalds and cried together in the cinema. Also through her, I have met even more friends – great people who I have also spurred friendships with.

When I first joined LIFT OFF, I was a nervous, anxious person who was quite awkward and never really knew what to say. Now, after something like LO2S, I have met someone who I can truly relate to. This experience has opened me up, both as a person and to so many other opportunities. I know what University I want to go to after S6 and how to get there. I have made amazing friends that I wouldn’t have ever met if it wasn’t for LIFT OFF.

I would highly recommend this to anyone involved in LIFT OFF – my advice: go in with an open mind and live in the experience. Talk to new people, mingle and, of course, pay attention in the universities! Another great thing about the experience is the LIFT OFF staff, they are incredibly understanding and know quite a lot about university courses and campuses – ask them as many questions as you can! This whole experience is something that I will never forget and really helped me with my academic life and I would do it all over again if I had the chance."


Abbie - St. Paul's RC Academy,

"Before LO2S, I was really unsure about what I wanted to study and where I'd like to do it. However, having tours of different universities and looking into the courses that are offered has made everything a lot clearer and has helped me finally settle on a university that I think offers the best courses for me.

To people who are unsure about signing up for LO2S, go for it! I was a nervous wreck at first and was convinced I'd leave with no new friends, but by graduation at the end of the week I'd made tons of really good friends and didn't want to leave!
It's definitely worth a try, and it worked for me."