S5 Individual Action Plans


S5 IAPs are well and truly underway, with the LIFT OFF team visiting 8 schools so far and seeing 70 pupils in the process!

The meetings are all about you - how S4 went, how S5 is going and if your plans are still the same from when the team met you in S4. Every S5 core pupil is eligible for a meeting and you will receive a text message reminding you when we are in. You will also receive a slip to get out of class to let you know what time your slot is - we have literally thought of everything!

During your meeting, we will set some action points with you - these are informal goals that we set with you to get you to where you need to be to prep you for higher education after school. We also send you the completed version of the form so you can look back at what we discussed. We will get back in touch with you two weeks after your meeting to see how you are getting on with your action points and if LIFT OFF can help you complete these.

Also in this email, we will give you a link to a pupil feedback survey about your Individual Action Plan Meeting - we want to get as many surveys back as possible so PLEASE complete these too! By doing so, you are working with us to improve the programme for future Core Pupils!

Here are the dates of the next school meetings:

Keep an eye out for your text message and we'll see you soon!

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