GDPR Notice

Information shared with LIFT OFF is held for up to 6 years so that LIFT OFF can provide services and assistance for the purposes of accessing educational and learning opportunities.

LIFT OFF is hosted by Abertay University and is obliged to provide the Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council (SFC) with some information on what participating pupils do immediately upon leaving school, with a follow-up one year later. Pupils’ names, dates of birth, post-code, Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and school will be passed to a third party (Skills Development Scotland or local authority) who will use this data to provide us with destination information. When reporting on the impact of LIFT OFF data will  be presented anonymously and no individual will ever be personally identified. To aid progression into Higher Education (HE), individual engagement with LIFT OFF may be shared with Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to validate any contextualised admission offers. If you wish to opt out of this data sharing agreement you must do so formally in writing. Opting out may impact your involvement with LIFT OFF due to impact reporting requirements.

Any core pupil who wishes to take part in the LIFT OFF Learning Skills (LOLS) element of the programme will have data shared with Scottish Government and Fife College. LOLS is credit rated and data must be shared with the awarding body (Fife College) and The Scottish Government to be recorded on Insight – the Scottish Government benchmarking tool. Inclusion of LOLS on Insight means that the award will be recorded against those who successfully complete the qualification, allowing schools to formally recognise the award as part of pupil wider achievement.

Tracking and monitoring reports may be used to support pupil progression. These reports may include, but are not limited to, details of pupil timetables and subjects; target and working grades; any help or assistance already in place and any relevant personal information that would facilitate better support for the pupil from LIFT OFF. These could be provided by the school or directly from the participating young person.

Any health or dietary information provided will be passed confidentially to any partner agencies hosting events/activities on LIFT OFF’s behalf. This is to ensure pupils’ health and wellbeing is supported. This data will be used solely for these purposes. This is done anonymously with no identifying data given.

Where LIFT OFF seeks to collect and use personal data for purposes outwith the management of an individual’s participation in this programme, it will seek pupils’ agreement. Personal information will only be used for the purposes under which it was collected.