Another year and another round of our SCQF accredited LIFT OFF Learning Skills course done and dusted!

LOLS is our short learning skills course that aims to make moving from school to Higher Education easier for senior phase pupils. It looks at some of the key areas where learning is different, and gives pupils a chance to practice some of the key skills that they’ll need for learning in Higher Education.

Screen grab of Microsoft Teams meeting, 2 pupils are presenting via webcam and a slide shows The impact of humans on global climate change.

A whopping 15 of our schools participated in the LOLS 2021-22, where we covered a whole host of HE skills, such as note taking, referencing and critical thinking. This culminated in a pupil group presentation, either in-person or virtual, where pupils had to “discuss and evaluate the impact of humans on global climate change”.

Two school pupils standing in front of smartboard showing presentation slide show.

The team were completely blown away by the quality of the presentations on the 2021-22 topic, pupils discussed far ranging areas including the development of renewable energy and storage batteries, society’s reliance on fossil fuels and the long term impact of industrial water contamination.

Here’s what some of our pupils had to say:

Cartoon of school pupil with quote reading: I enjoyed the group presentation I think it worked best by demonstrating the skills that would be required to function in H.E. such as teamwork I normally would not have opted to work in a group which is why I appreciated being put out of my comfort zone.
Cartoon of school pupil with quote reading: I really liked delivering a group presentation since it was much easier and I got to know another individual outside of my school. I wouldn't have preferred any other method of assessment. I liked it when I worked as a team"


This was a really successful year of LOLS with a huge 87% pass rate and these pupils can now add their SCQF accredited LOLS qualification to future applications to college and university!

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