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Cannot attend LO2S

Places on LO2S are extremely limited, please let us know as soon as possible if you can no longer attend! 

Please note this only applies if you have already accepted you place on LO2S! 


LO2S is fully funded by LIFT OFF through our SFC funding; this means travel, food and accommodation are covered. Should a young person withdraw from their offered place with less than 2 weeks notice, a £50 cancellation fee may be charged as their place cannot be re-allocated.

LO2S will run from the 3rd-7th of July 2023.

During LO2S we stay in John Burnet Halls of Residence at the University of St Andrews, however we travel to Higher Education Institutions across Scotland throughout the week. 

Pupils who signed up to LIFT OFF in S4 and are transitioning to S5 at school are invited to apply to LO2S. As spaces are limited, sometimes we will ask school contact teachers to select the pupils who will benefit the most from the experience. 

It’s simple! Just complete the application form below to apply to take part. You will need to get a parent or carer to complete this with you. 

No, everyone will have their own rooms. You room may have 2 beds in it, but this does not mean you get to share. For Fire and Health and Safety regulations, you need to be in your own room by a set time, no sleepovers. 

As we need to pack a lot into your days and travel to different places, breakfast normally falls around 7am. It’s early we know, but you can have a wee snooze on the bus! To make sure everyone is up and ready to leave on the bus together, we need everyone to come down for breakfast. To ensure you get some sleep, everyone is asked to be in their own rooms by 11pm with lights out at midnight. Because everyone is doing this, there will be no FOMO.

Your casual clothes are fine for the most part. There will be walking to and from buses, and around university and college campus, so comfortable shoes are essential! We have party night planned for your last night, so people tend to get a bit dressed up for that. Most important thing is pack clothes you feel comfortable in.

No, these will be supplied for you. More room for clothes in the suitcase! You’ll need enough clothes for the week as there is no access to laundry facilities. And remember to pack any medication you need, like inhalers.

As LO2S has a limited number places, we can’t guarantee you will be with your friends. 15 schools will have the opportunity to apply so it’s extremely challenging for LIFT OFF allocate places. We work with your school teachers to ensure those that will most benefit from the experience get offered a place. If it’s a case that you don’t think you could attend without a someone being there to support you, please inform LIFT OFF of who you would like to be placed with, and we’ll try our best to keep you together.

If you have any other questions we haven’t answered about the LO2S residential please get in touch with us directly.