Welcome S4 Core Pupils!

Here you will find information and guidance to support you to make informed choices about your post school goals. 

The following sections provide links to resources to help you start exploring your options for higher education. Take some time
to check out what’s on offer.



Check out the different subject guides at UCAS to find the right course for you
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Click here to find out about the opportunities that going to college can offer
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With a Modern Apprenticeship you learn on the job, and get the experience you need. Plus, you work towards a qualification.
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Armed Forces

Interested in a career in the Armed Forces?

Although LIFT OFF cannot support pupils into the Armed Forces, we want to make sure you are making the right choice for you. Find out more by hitting the button.
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Not sure what you want to study?

Thinking about what subjects you enjoy in school, as well as hobbies outside of school is a good indicator towards what skills and interests you may have. Click through the tabs to see some higher education course choices related to different subject areas.

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Think location!

Having all of these options in front of you can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, exploring where you want to study is a good way to finding the right institution for you.

This video is an introduction to the Find Your Campus Resource created collaboratively by SHEP programmes LIFT OFF and Aspire North.

Scroll down to use the resource.

Click on the icons to find out about the Higher Education institutions across Scotland.  


Articulation is a pathway between full time HN courses at college such as an HNC or HND into degree at university, which have been formally identified and agreed between the college and the university.

This means that you could potentially get direct entry into year 2 of university with an HNC, or direct entry into year 3 at university with an HND.

Why articulate?

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College offers the opportunity to study in a more supported environment before making the leap to university.

It also gives you the chance to explore different subjects before committing to just one.

Did you know that a HNC is the equivelent of first year at university?

Find out more about Articulation and the different routes and courses on offer at local colleges below:

My World of Work
Find out more about Articulation Routes
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Search for different Articulation Routes
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Sometimes we don’t know what to study, but we know what job we want. 

Check out these resources below to help you explore available careers which could help shape your Higher Education journey.

Building experience

It’s not just about your academic qualifications.  Your skills are just as important for employers, colleges and universities.  What opportunities are out there that you can tap into to build on your skills?  Look at some of the options below: 

Acess to High Demand Professions

White cross with text Reach Scotland
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White cross with text Reach Scotland

Reach supports pupils interested in Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Economics & Psychology. 

Interested in Art, Design or  Architecture?  Check out ACES!

 Find out more by clicking on the links.


Volunteering Scotland

Volunteering can be a great way to gain experience in an area your interested in.
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Our fantastic student volunteers not only help out at events but they are also on hand to answer any questions you might have about life in Higher education.

Get in touch with one of the LIFT OFF Student Volunteers to ask your questions. 

As much information as this resource contains, we know sometimes you have specific questions that you would like to ask. The LIFT OFF team are here to help and would love to hear from you! 


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