Wow – a massive well done to our S4s for (almost) completing their first year with LIFT OFF! 

Who knew that when our S4 pupils joined us in 2021, we would have the opportunity to meet in person?! It has been great joining LIFT OFF at this early stage of our S4s journey with lots of exciting opportunities to come. A big thank you to all our pupils and teachers for being so welcoming!

The year started off with our online Core Pupil Profiles in October where you let us know about your post school aspirations and goals for the future!  We saw 11 of our 14 schools in person, and 3 schools were offered virtual meetings.  A total of 138 pupils took part in our Core Pupil meetings which is fantastic, and the team loved being back in schools to provide some information, guidance, and advice face to face! 

Since then, we received the best news that we can continue in person events and recently completed our S4 Event Alternative. This session replaced what would have been our Campus Event which due to Covid restrictions could not be organised at the time. However, what we were able to do was give you a better insight into Higher Education and offer you the opportunity to attend our first SUMMER RESIDENTAL (LO2S) since 2019!! 

Our Event Alternative quizzed you about Higher Education (HE) universities and colleges and some of you got to meet former core pupils who are now studying or graduated from HE. I know for sure some of you are thinking of joining a local quidditch team after our session…

Of course, our biggest news has been the chance to offer pupils to attend LO2S this summer. We have been busy preparing for this behind the scenes and Myself, Mel and Emma have refreshed our first aid training. Peep some photos below, I think we did pretty well!


That being said, let’s try and keep accidents and injuries to a minimum this summer…

LO2S has been such a great success that we have had more pupils sign up than we have spaces. We would love to give everyone the chance to make it this year so please remember to let us know if you can no longer attend.

The work continues for recruiting our new S4s, and this years core pupils have set a splendid example of what it means to be part of the programme. When we say well done we really mean it- you have stuck by us online and been great at joining in our activities when we met you in person! 

We can’t wait to welcome our new S4s next year, stay tuned!