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The next step on your LIFT OFF Journey is the S6 Transitions Programme. This is designed to help guide you through the college and university application process with 3 in-school sessions covering everything from UCAS and Personal Statements, to budgeting and student accommodation.

If you are a S6 Core Pupil, you also have access to the S6 Transitions Support Service – a suite of support, including optional phone and in-person meetings with LIFT OFF staff, a dedicated Resource Page and the opportunity to to send up to 3 draft personal statements to LIFT OFF for tailored advice and guidance.

Calendar with S6 Session 1, August-September; S6 Session 2 October-November and S6 Session 3 March-April

Engagements & Events

The first session of the S6 Transitions programme introduces you to the college and university application process. In this session we’ll take you how to search for both university and college courses and will give you some hints and tips on how to start writing your personal statement.

In this interactive session we will look at some of the most important things to consider when writing your personal statement. Covering everything from making your experiences and skills relevant, to structuring your ideas, this session will also provide some guidance on how to maximise the feedback you receive on your personal statement drafts.

This final in-school workshop covers everything from replying to your college and university offers, to student funding, budgeting and accommodation. We’ll also provide you with an idea of the kind of support available to you as you adjust to the exciting challenges of life in Higher Education.


LIFT OFF has dedicated web resources for Core Pupils. You will have been sent access to this when you registered with us. Please check your e-mails or get in touch to access these resources. 

Check out our Find Your Campus resource below to explore different HEI’s in Scotland.

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This video is an introduction to the Find Your Campus Resource created collaboratively by SHEP programmes LIFT OFF and Aspire North.

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