Calling all pupils participating in LIFT OFF Learning Skills (LOLS)! So far we have completed (most) of our in school introductory sessions! Now you should now be starting the online workshops ahead of our campus day in the October holiday.

LOLS Timeline 1st In school Intro, 2nd Digital Workshops, 3rd HEI Campus Day 13th October & 4th In-school Presentations

LOLS Digital Workshops

There are two digital workshops you must complete to attend the LOLS campus day: Academic Writing Skills and Applications & Admissions. Each digital workshop is split into three sections, with a video to support your independent learning. Remember to complete the corresponding activities in your course book (pages 14-21). Your course book will be assessed as a measure of how you have engaged with the online learning.

Furthermore, you are also required to complete a reflective learning log for each of the LOLS workshops. This is a reflective piece of work so…

  1. Think about the skills you have gained.
  2. Ask yourself what was most challenging.
  3. Set yourself some goals for developing in the future.

You can access the Reflective Learning Log from the QR Codes in the course book or visit the LOLS Info hub Resources.

Screengrab of Resource section of LOLS Info Hub

LOLS Independent Learning

One of the key aims of the LOLS Digital workshops is to develop your independent learning skills. Learning independently allows you to take control and ownership of your learning! Allowing you to make informed choices, set goals and make decisions about your learning. It’s also a key skill for learning in Higher Education! At Higher Education only about 20% of your time will be timetabled classes. Most of your time spent developing your studies in a variety of different solo and group settings.

Top Tips for LOLS Independent Learning

  1. Break down tasks into manageable chunks. For LOLS we have already split each workshop into three smaller sections. Set some time aside in your calendar to complete the activities. You could also try giving yourself a reward when you finish each one.
  2. Sincerely reflect on the activities and learning as you go through the LOLS course. This allows you to evaluate where you are at with your own knowledge and understanding. Use the Reflective Learning Log questions as prompts to set some goals for the future.
  3. Finally, Just because you are working independently doesn’t mean you are alone, there is loads of support available. Visit the LOLS info hub to access the resources, chat with your peers to discuss challenges or get in touch with the LIFT OFF team with any questions.
LIFT OFF Learning Skills Resources