The LIFT OFF team can’t quite believe that we are already sailing through Term 2 without the chance to catch our breaths from Term 1! We all love a bit of reflection so we would love to share with you the highlights from our Core Pupils since the start of this year.

Sit back and grab a cup of coffee, there’s lots to catch up on!

Firstly, we have a bunch of new S4’s with us this year… hello!

Our S4’s joined us in a new online workshop “How to be a Core Pupil”. We spoke about what was coming up this year, how to get the best out of their specialised resource page and provided a checklist to keep up with all things LIFT OFF.

We also had volunteer Rachel on hand who answered the pupil’s questions, and there were a lot!

If you missed out, we have posted some of the questions on our Facebook and Instagram and sent you the recording with all questions answered at the end. We even created a highlight on our Instagram with Top Tips from our now S5’s. 

That’s not all… we let you know our Campus Event is coming up at the end of the year which at the time seemed like ages away. But keep your eyes peeled, November is just around the corner!


Our S5’s have been busy completing their LIFT OFF Learning Skills qualification otherwise known as LOLS. We really have to praise these guys for giving up their time during the October break and working on strengthening their skills for Higher Education.

As part of this, our Core Pupils received several lecture style workshops at Dundee and Angus College. We learned about academic journals, notetaking and planning for life at uni and college. I think we can all agree we learned something new, especially during the lecture from Dr. Rebecca Wade from Abertay University which focused on the effects of climate change.  The LIFT OFF team definitely felt refreshed with new knowledge and prepared to answer the topic question ourselves! 

With that in mind, the S5’s have been keeping in their groups, for the upcoming presentations to answer whether they think humans are doing enough to tackle climate change. If you are reading this now, remember your group roles, deadlines and logbooks!

The team have also been busy delivering S6 Sessions 1 and 2: Applying to Higher Education and Your Personal Statement, with over 2500 pupils across Dundee, Fife and Angus coming along!


We’ve also started to see the first few personal statements trickling in as part of our review service for Core Pupils. It’s always so great to see pupils really making the most of all their experiences and highlighting the skills they have learned.


Remember, your first draft deadline has probably passed or coming up so feel free to use us as second eyes. So far, 17 people already have!


In other news, Helen has been on the hunt for new volunteers as we say goodbye to our graduates from last year. Don’t worry, we still have some familiar faces and have met some really cool new people.

Some of you may have already met our new volunteers (S4!) and will get the chance to speak to them more at our upcoming workshops. 

In the meantime, did you catch Casey on our Instagram takeover?! She gave us a great insight into her life as a student at DJCAD, sharing a glimpse of her daily walks, uni facilities and day to day niggles. If you missed it, Casey has posted some great photos on our LIFT OFF grid and timeline so check them out. Remember, our Ask a Student service is online and our volunteers are waiting to chat to you.

Phew! It really has been a jam packed year so far, well done for all the work being completed to prepare you for Higher Education. As a wee treat, we have popped some images below and look forward to making more LIFT OFF memories in Term 2.